PARK Harajuku Explores What It Means to Be ‘Heroic’ in Latest Tokyo EMOtee

PARK Harajuku Explores What It Means to Be 'Heroic' in Latest Tokyo EMOtee

We’re in the midst of an all-new month compared to where we were a few weeks ago, and you know what that means? New Tokyo EMOtee from PARK Harajuku! I’ve been covering this ongoing series for several months now, and I’ll be honest, the Harajuku-based boutique is still killing it. So after all these months of being at peak-performance, you’d probably start to feel pretty brave, right? Or should I put it this way — you might even be feeling pretty heroic! That’s a word that PARK Harajuku and illustrator YUtuKI look to explore with this month’s ‘heroic’ Tokyo EMOtee.

We’re almost halfway through 2019, would you believe it? If you’ve managed to stay on top of everything the year has thrown at you, you’d probably understand this feeling all too well. You’re killing it, and you deserve to feel as heroic as you are for conquering your everyday. YUtuKI’s illustration perfectly embodies this, all while making for an incredible t-shirt at the same time. Illustrated in manga-format, the shirt reads “I defend Tokyo from evil with a heroic heart!”.

Outside of the latest Tokyo EMOtee drop, PARK Harajuku is stepping back. Originally started in October 2018, PARK is taking a look back at all of the TOKYO EMOtee’s that were in the last 8 months. In doing this, PARK Harajuku is set to launch an all-new photo book, the aptly titled ‘Tokyo EMOtee Photo Book Vol. 1’, as well as host an in-store gallery for previous designs. On top of all this, PARK Harajuku will also be, for a limited-time, accepting orders on previous months Tokyo EMOtee designs.

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Available now in-store at PARK Harajuku and online, those interested in checking out more on the collection should head over to the boutique’s official website. Previous looks from the Tokyo EMOtee collection can be found via our full archives, here.

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