PARK Harajuku Shares Latest Urahara Clothing Drop

Tokyo-based fashion store PARK Harajuku earlier this week announced their hyper-visual new URAHARA clothing drop ahead of its release on August 25, 2018. Coming in with two different colorways based on various states of being within the URAHARA anime series, the design features a sleek internet-inspired look that pops off in every shot of the shirt. Utilizing an elongated form factor for that long-shirt look, the piece comes in at one-size which looks to match just about all sizes in various ways.

Currently available for pre-order on PARK Harajuku’s official website, both colorways of the shirt are set to be priced at 6,480 yen and comes in at the perfect time with international shipping available through the month of August. Utilizing a self-described “remixed” version of the key-imagery for the URAHARA anime series, the drop is the latest installment in PARK Harajuku’s ongoing collection drops tied-in with the 2017 series.

Those interested in picking up a pre-order on the upcoming drop during PARK Harajuku’s international shipping duration, further information can be found via PARK’s official website.

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