Peekee to Offer Pair of Evangelion Hats


Today, Japanese brand Peekee announced that they are kicking off pre-orders for a pair of Evangelion hats, each with a different design.

Rei Hat

The two hats are based on the NEW ERA 9FIFTY line and Peekee will offer two different designs. The first design is based on Rei Ayanami and has a white silhouette of her on the front center of the hat with the Evangelion logo on the back. The second hat is based on Unit-01 with the head of Unit-01 being stitched on the front with purple and red threading, also with the Evangelion logo on the back of the hat.

Unit01 Hat

Each hat will run for a pretty steep price if you ask me: the Rei hat costs ¥6,800 and the Unit-01 hat ¥8,800. There have been NEW ERA x Evangelion collaborations in the past and the pricing is in line with previous hats; I just find it pretty expensive.

The hats are currently available to pre-order through the Peekee online shop and are expected to start shipping to customers in February 2022. The good news is that if you live internationally, you can also place an order for the hats as Peekee ships internationally.

Peekee, New Era, Khara
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