Perfume Releases Latest Music Video ‘Let Me Know’ From Upcoming Album

With only a short couple of weeks standing between us and Perfume’s forthcoming album, “Future Pop”, we’ve been gearing up as much as possible for that much-anticipated August 15 release. Coming in hot as the group’s 7th studio album, word on “Future Pop”  had remained relatively on the down-low until roughly a month ago when we got word of the album’s full tracklist, as well as various other snippets of information. Taking that a step further today, the Japanese pop group saw the release of their latest music video for “Let Me Know”, the seventh track from “Future Pop”.

Uploaded in the unfortunately common “short ver.” format onto the group’s YouTube channel earlier this week, the music video is a relatively down-tempo departure from the group’s previous few releases; though the song still packs a punch, offering yet another peek into the direction producer Yasutaka Nakata aims to take on “Future Pop”. Featuring a total of 12 songs including previous releases such as “TOKYO GIRL” and “If You Wanna”, the upcoming album’s full tracklist can be found below:

01. Start-Up
02. Future Pop
03. If you wanna
06. Tiny Baby
07. Let Me Know
08. Chorairin
09. Mugenmirai
10. Housekino Ame
11. Tenku
12. Everyday

Set to release in Japan both physically and digitally on August 15, you can find further information on the upcoming “Future Pop” via Perfume’s official website.

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