Perfume’s Sunday Set at Coachella to Be Livestreamed This Sunday


Japanese electro-pop trio Perfume is about to cap off a busy first quarter of 2019 with one of their biggest performances to date. The group is set to play the second weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival — arguably the biggest music festival in North America — at 8:20 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Sunday at the gathering’s Gobi Tent stage. Yet what really elevates it is that it will be livestreamed to a global audience, giving one of J-pop’s finest acts the chance to reach a huge number of people.



Perfume played Coachella’s first weekend last Sunday at the same slot, but that wasn’t broadcast to the thousands upon thousands of people who tune in annually to feel closer to Indio, California’s largest musical event of the year. Still, it sounds like it was well received, at least based on various social media posts capturing the revved-up audience watching the group play their first major North American festival. They also got some critical love on top of that. Rolling Stone named Perfume one of the “16 best things” they saw from the desert event during the first three days.

Now a larger online viewership can tune in this Sunday evening to see Perfume perform. Keep an eye on this page for more info.

Consider this more of a really delightful cherry on top of Perfume’s career rather than a potential springboard to something more. Lots of young artists use Coachella as a kind of mega-sized billboard to get themselves attention to a wider audience, this year best exemplified by Korean outfit BLACKPINK (also drawing positive reviews). They are just starting out, though, while Perfume has been around for more than a decade. And the J-pop group has achieved a ton in that realm, and have done a lot internationally in the context of Japanese music. It’s a great bullet point in their resume in a career full of them.

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