Persona 5’s Joker Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster as DLC

Persona 5's Joker Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster as DLC

In an announcement that absolutely nobody saw coming, Persona 5’s own legendary Phantom Thief has stolen the show once more with the announcement that Joker would be the first DLC character in the all-new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Detailed during The Game Awards 2018 over in Los Angeles, the English-language version of the trailer playfully opens up with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts questioning why Joker had gone to the event on his own, before asking if he had left a calling card in advance — only this time, it wasn’t them who left the calling card.IFrame

There’s little to no doubt that fans of both series across the globe are in complete awe following the announcement, especially given Persona 5 never actually saw a release on Nintendo Switch — let alone any Nintendo devices. The closest fans of the Persona franchise saw to a Nintendo release was the Persona Q franchise, yet this isn’t a Persona Q crossover. Outside of the fact that Joker was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the only thing that could top this moment is the announcement that Persona 5 would be launching on the console — though that couldn’t possibly happen, right?

Set to be released as part of Challenger Pack 1, presumably the first character DLC pack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we’ll likely be seeing Joker join the battle during the first half of 2019. With this being the first of five DLC characters set to be announced for the title, it’ll definitely be exciting to see who else they bring on for the crossover fighter. Available as of today on Nintendo Switch, further information on the title can be found via Nintendo’s official website.

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