Screenshots From Upcoming Persona Dancing Titles Revealed

It was only a short period of time ago that Atlus announced what is possibly my most hyped upcoming pair of titles, “Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night” and “Persona 5: Dancing Star Light” which are set to release on both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 in Japan around Spring 2018. They appear to follow a similar play-style to the previously released “Persona 4: Dancing All Night”, which just so happened to be my favorite entry into the “Persona” series to date.

There’s not been much information since the release of the trailers, which makes sense given the game is so far off. That however all changed recently, following an interview conducted by Japanese news platform 4Gamer with Atlus. Sharing an entire slew of gorgeous in-game screenshots, we’re treated to even more reasons to get excited for the upcoming pair of games. You can check out the images for each game below:

“Persona 3: Dancing Moon Light”

“Persona 5: Dancing Star Light”

Set to release Spring 2018 here in Japan, you can find even more information on the upcoming game in our archive. Further details can also be find via the official website for the titles, here.

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