PHRASEFIGHT Available on DLsite, Planned for Other Formats

Japanese indie developer very OK recently released its newest game, PHRASEFIGHT, for Windows and macOS download. The game is currently only available for purchase on Japanese shops such as DLsite, but a very OK representative recently tweeted to us that the developer has more plans for the title.

An English version and a possible move to another format was reported to be in the works. The PHRASEFIGHT official web site indicates, while nothing has been confirmed, options being considered for future release include iOS/Android apps, Steam and Nintendo Switch. This will take the developer some time to work through, but, for now, anyone can download and check out the game’s trial version.

The trial version of PHRASEFIGHT is on a Google Drive site and downloaded as a .zip file. The uncompressed game folder contains separate folders for both Windows and Mac versions.

PHRASEFIGHT is a versus rhythm game using Parappa-style inputs, but with pop’n music/Rhythm Heaven presentation vibes. Players take turns pressing one of four buttons to attack the opponent, with the success and accuracy of the inputs determining the final score.

PHRASEFIGHT takes place in 31st Century Japan, where Phrase Fight is emerging as a new sport. The game features a roster of characters, with their own music track and home stage.

The developer aimed to create the game so players of varying skills can still enjoy the game together. The four commands produce a different sound, and a player can press only one button if they want to, while others can alternate the buttons for style.

The trial version lets players experience the core gameplay with its exhibition mode and two songs, but the full game hosts 16 songs. The full game features a League Mode, character gallery, jukebox and an in-game news feed (“PF News”).

If you need assistance in getting through the trial game’s menus:

  • Booting up PHRASEFIGHT, the game will ask you to set your controls in the following order: Note command 1 (also confirms in menus), note command 2 (also cancels/goes back in menus), note command 3, note command 4, pause (also toggles a character’s alternate color), menu up, menu down, menu left, menu right.
  • In the game’s main menu, only the second and last options are selectable in the trial.
  • The last item is the options menu, and, from top to bottom, the selections are: Window size, window type, key config.
  • The second option is the Free Fight (exhibition) mode. After selecting the player setup and choosing characters, the player will be taken to the song select menu.
  • There are 16 songs featured in the full game, but the trial limits players to the first two. Beneath the song’s title and artist, the data lists the number of phrases within the song on the left, as well as its speed (BPM) on the right.
  • The next menu establishes the game options for the mode. The top option, OK, starts the song, but the rest of the options customizes the gameplay for players of all skill levels.
  • The first two options toggle the difficulty of the note patterns in the phrases for both characters (top is player one, bottom is player two). The default is adaptive difficulty – the patterns start easy and get more difficult as you score higher and vice versa; or you can permanently keep the pattern difficulty at a set level.
  • There are also options to toggle the AI’s skill (1 easy to 7 difficult), and toggle which notes the AI performs (default is random, but you can force the computer to do the same note command if you really want).
  • If you pause the game, the options, from top to bottom are: Resume song, restart song from beginning, exit to main menu.
  • Once you complete a match, following a data save, the first question asks if you would like to replay the match using the same settings (the OK option confirms) and the second question asks if you would like to visit the game’s home page in your web browser.

PHRASEFIGHT’s DLsite store page has the game featured for 1,080 Yen, but we’ll be sure to update as the game expands to other formats and territories.

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