Pikachu Goes Gold in New Pendant Necklace by U-Treasure

U-Treasure Pikachu TOP

It seems that every week U-Treasure has a new masterful piece of jewelry that we can pick up. Today, they announced a brand new Pokémon necklace that features Pikachu front and center on the chain.

The adorable design features Pikachu holding a diamond as if he is watching over you. Pikachu’s distinctive ears, jagged tail, and facial expression are all reproduced in three-dimensional form. The charm on the back of the necklace is also designed in a subtle way as a pokéball. This item is packed with the world of Pokémon. The necklace is made of silver with a yellow gold coating and a 0.02ct diamond in the middle.

Pikachu Necklace

The pre-orders for the U-Treasure Pikachu necklace kicked off today, 25 May 2021, and will run through until stock is depleted. If you’re interested in picking one of these up for yourself, you can do so by reaching out to a friend or a proxy in Japan that can help you make the purchase. The necklace will be available for the pretty modest price of ¥23,100 (Approx. $210 USD).

So if you’re a Pokémon fan and like jewelry, this is definitely something that you’re going to want to have in your possession.

U-Treasure, The Pokémon Company
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