Take a Look at This (Expensive) Pikachu Necklace from U-Treasure

Take a Look at This (Expensive) Pikachu Necklace from U-Treasure

We’ve actually spoken about U-Treasure’s gaming-related jewelry once before, with the recent release of necklaces based on the Wayfinders found in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. These were beautiful (albeit not cheap) pieces of jewelry that wouldn’t look out of place with any outfit, whether Kingdom Hearts-themed or not, as their design is subtle enough to the point it wouldn’t necessarily look out of place in any collection. U-Treasure themselves are known for creating a wide range of jewelry based on popular anime, manga and gaming properties, making these items just a small part of a huge collection based on a wide range of properties that ranges from Kingdom Hearts to Cardcaptor Sakura to Pokemon. U-Treasure has already made rings and more based on the latter of these properties, and the latest Pokemon jewelry are some very pretty, if expensive, Pikachu necklaces.

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The design of this necklace is, to quickly summarize it, absolutely adorable, and although it isn’t as subtle as the aforementioned Wayfinder necklaces, I wouldn’t use that to put a single negative mark against the design of this piece. A grinning male Pikachu can be found sitting atop a Pokeball in all versions of these new necklaces, kept around your neck with a chainlink chain. The thing that impacts the overall look of the necklace, and in turn its price, is the material used. The cheapest of these necklaces is a silver edition, which even then comes in at a cool 15000yen before tax. Prices only rise from there, with the 18-carat yellow gold or white gold editions costing 58000yen before tax is added, while a platinum edition sees the price rise even further to 68000yen.

Their price alone makes these items something that very much isn’t for everyone, but for those with the money to afford it and a love for the series, these seem like a perfect piece to add to your collection. Perhaps the release of an item is fitting with the recent release of Detective Pikachu as well.

The item will become available for pre-order on May 31st at 12 pm Japan time, so if this item is something you’re interested in, you can find out more over on the company’s official website.

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