Over 2000 Pikachu to Invade Yokohama This August

Over 2000 Pikachu to Invade Yokohama This August

You’ve likely at one point or another seen videos or photos of mass congregations of Pikachu mascots, maybe marching in procession like a cute (or terrifying) army squadron. This marching squad of Pikachu looks like they could both succeed in any war or make you die of how cute they are (although neither are mutually exclusive), but either way, to see so many Pikachu in one place would be a sight to behold. This Pikachu parade is set to make a return in Yokohama in August of this year, with the largest ever gathering of Pikachu mascots yet!

This is the latest in the yearly event held in Yokohama at the beginning of August every year known as ‘Pokemon Outbreak!’, which never fails to impress and delight locals and tourists alike. Every year, loads of Pikachu mascots collectively spend the week taking part in various events and greeting people around the city, and this year promises to be no different. The biggest ever gathering of Pikachu’s in the event’s history at over 2000 will descend on Yokohama to take part in performances near the Yokohama Museum of Art, Red Brick Park and Rinko Park and more.

Not only that, this year, the event will also play host to its own Pokemon GO Fest, the latest in a series of events related to the popular mobile game. Details on the specifics in regards to this event will be announced at a later date, but it is a testament to the event’s previous success that the show has been expanded and will play host to its own Pokemon GO event alongside the normal festivities.

Whatever your interest is in the Pokemon series, the event promises to have something for everyone, while being incredibly cute in the process. More details can be found over on the event’s official website and Yokohama’s visitors guide.

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