Pikachu and Katy Perry Act Reckless With Time Travel in ‘Electric’ Pokémon Anniversary Music Video

Pikachu and Katy Perry

After being teased all the way back at the start of Pokémon’s bumper 25th anniversary celebrations, Katy Perry has released her new song celebrating 25 years of Pikachu and co, titled ‘Electric’.

You can’t have a party without a playlist, declared the official Pokémon Twitter account back in January as The Pokémon Company kicked off the franchise’s seminal 25th anniversary celebrations. With news of revival TCG sets, a skateboard, and a concert from Post Malone, it was an unexpected but welcome way to honor one of the most influential franchises in gaming. Also teased was a new song from Katy Perry, titled ‘Electric,’ which has now been released alongside a music video for the song, featuring none other than Pikachu themselves.

‘Electric’ isn’t just a song for fans of Katy Perry, as it includes plenty of references to the series (including lyrical reference to the iconic anime theme song). In the video, Pikachu and Katy Perry travel back in time to alter the singer’s past by encouraging her to buy a jacket and enter a talent show, setting her onto the career path she’s on today.

It feels like somewhat of a reckless use of time travel with no consideration of the effect it could have on the space-time continuum, but I guess we now know why she became a singer! Turns out we have Pikachu to thank for that.

This is just one of a number of songs being created for Pokémon 25: The Album from Universal Records (the record label both Post Malone and Katy Perry are signed to), and early indications from videos like this suggest the album will be filled with great music and references to a franchise that has earned its place in history.

And to think, we’re not even halfway through 2020 and these Pokémon 25th anniversary celebrations!

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