Pikmin 3 Deluxe Announced for October Release on Nintendo Switch

Pikmin 3 Deluxe Announced for October Release on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s release schedule for 2020 has been looking rather barren following the release of Paper Mario: The Origami King, with few announced games and only a number of unconfirmed rumors to keep the imaginations of fans occupied as they wait for news. Even the regular Nintendo Direct events have slowed in regularity, but the most recent Nintendo Direct Mini at least had some exciting Shin Megami Tensei V news to keep fans excited. Out of nowhere, Nintendo has started to plug the gaps in their upcoming release slate with the news that Pikmin 3, originally released on the Wii U back in 2013, will soon be getting a Nintendo Switch release called Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

Pikmin 3 saw players return to the lush planet of PNF-404 as they search for a way to save their home planet by cultivating plant seeds, but starts with disaster as the three Koppaite explorer capains, Alph, Brittany and Charlie, are separated as they crash land on the planet. Using the Pikmin that call the planet home, your mission is to overcome the obstacles and creatures on the planet in order to save your home.

For this deluxe release, a number of new features have been added. The first is a number of new difficulty modes that relax time restrictions, add hints and allow players to auto lock-on to targets, making it easier for newer players and allowing them to take in the wold of PNF-404. All the DLC stages from the original game have been included in this new release alongside new side-story missions featuring Olimar and Louie. On top of this, co-op has been added to allow players to play the full game with a friend, while the much-loved Piklopedia has returned featuring detailed descriptions of everything you encounter on your adventure.

Pikmin 3 was a highlight of the Wii U’s extensive gaming library and one of the few major Nintendo releases yet to make the jump to Nintendo Switch, and the news that the game will soon release in the form of Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a welcome one. I wonder if this will include the rather peculiar Pikmin Short Movies that were made to coincide with the game’s release as well.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe will launch on Nintendo Switch on October 30th.

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