playlist.003// Dreaming of Sunny Days

This week in Tokyo is largely set to be defined by the wide-spread weather possibilities; spotty weather forecasted for Monday, Tuesday and Friday, with a windy Wednesday and rainy Thursday splashed in-between. It’s a rollercoaster that will largely be broken down into two moods — the desire to relax and the desire to move. Whilst the rain here in Tokyo may at time leave us all tired and wanting to rest, it also makes us long for the freedom to walk about and dance.

In playlist.003//, we’ll be focusing on these very emotions, pulling a large-array of inspiration from the electric sounds of Tokyo and beyond. Featuring artists such as Maltine Records’ own yuigot and Hercelot, all the way to the hardcore sounds of artists such as DJ Shimamura, there’s a lot lined up for the week ahead. So without further ado, let’s get into things:

Sunny Day Service – Blue Tank

If there’s anything that screams Summer more than Sunny Day Service’s ‘Blue Tank’, you’ll definitely need to let me know. It’s a kick-back track blended with a quirky music video that defines the Summer vibes, colorful yet non-intrusive. I’ve definitely been seeing the group pop up in my feed more and more, especially following the June 2 release of their latest album ‘Popcorn Ballads’.

Frederic – Oddloop

This is by no means a new song, but it is most definitely a track that’s found itself a place back on repeat these last few days. Originally introduced unto the world back in late-2014, what is quite possibly Frederic’s breakthrough song ‘Oddloop’ never fails to charm me. There’s massive bonus points being thrown at it too given that, since I last checked, there’s been official English subtitles added to the music video.

Yuigot – MAGIC MAGIC (Hercelot little mix)

Released through my all-time favorite label, Maltine Records, the multi-talented yuigot calls on fellow track maker Hercelot to remix his EP title-song ‘MAGIC MAGIC’. Blending the EP’s thematic candy-laced pop sound with Hercelot’s youthful charm, we’re given an absolute beautiful track that’s been on repeat for weeks.

Prism Paradise – Love Friend Style (DJ Shimamura’s Hardcore Rave Remix)

Calling on the all-stars of Tokyo’s underground club scene, Prism Paradise is inviting us on a journey across multiple genres in it’s latest compilation release. Of all the remixes on the release, by far the most standout to me was DJ Shimamura’s hardcore rave remix of ‘Love Friend Style’ which plays on his signature sound tinted with a night at Akihabara’s own Mogra. It’s not the sort of song I’d normally be jamming to, with it stemming from an idol arcade series, but I’m an absolute sucker for DJ Shimamura’s sounds, and that makes it all the more worth listening to.

Hakushi Hasegawa – Nyuubi Yuge

Hakushi Hasegawa isn’t necessarily an artist that I’ve been following for an extended period of time, but that’s all about to change. Their track ‘Nyuubi Yuge’ is a totally captivating adventure, and perfectly matches the current Tokyo landscape at this time of the year. It’s an uptempo sound that has me equal parts relaxed and bouncing about, and I love every moment of it’s almost 3 minutes 30 second duration.

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