playlist.004// Heat up the Tokyo City Nights

This last week has been such a dynamic mix of both highs and lows; from the abrupt closure of favorites such as Harajuku fashion brand SWIMMER, all the way to the sudden news of my personal favorite record label S2TB Recording entering an indefinite hiatus. It’s because of this that playlist.004// will be paying tribute not just to the names we knew and loved, but also to the emotions such news bring forward. This week we look to turn the heat up on otherwise temperate nights, keeping the spirit alive through uplifting sounds.

Pulling a large amount of inspiration from the ‘club sounds’ that have defined my past week, we see a mostly new lineup of names, with some returning artists sprinkled within. From Ujico*/Snail’s House’ sugar-coated ‘Bouquet’, all the way to the hyperactive hardcore remix of m-flo’s own ‘Tripod Baby’, this week is going to have you jumping all day long. Towards the end of the playlist I’ve also opted to include a 2013 release, which even though it is slightly dated compared to the rest of the included tracks, happens to be one of the most important S2TB releases to me personally.

So without further ado, let’s dig into playlist.004//:

Ujico*/Snail’s House – Bouquet [Ordinary Songs 3]

m-flo loves LISA – Tripod Baby (Titancube Edit)




HoneyComeBear – Sneaker


Various Artists – Hardcore United Tokyo (DJ WILDPARTY Mix)



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Snail's House
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