PlayStation 2 Life Officially Comes to a Close in Japan

While the PlayStation 2 might still remain the best-selling console of all time, that certainly doesn’t mean its immortal; something showcased earlier this week with the announcement from Sony Interactive Entertainment that the console’s aftercare service is coming to an end in its home country of Japan. Originally released in Japan during March 2000, this weeks news comes 18 years after Japan first started getting their hands on the console, and 12 years after the release of the PlayStation 3.

Announced via the PlayStation Japan Blog earlier this week, the company asked owners of the PlayStation 2 console to fill out a number of online forms by the end of last month, before submitting them if they want to have their console repaired one last time. That being said, consoles that don’t make it over to the Iwate-based service center before the deadline of September 7 won’t be accepted for repair, giving you roughly one last day to same-day that console.

With over 155 million units sold worldwide, the PlayStation 2 felt like a staple of just about every household during the early 2000s. With an incredible library of games from across the globe, the console flourished and would go on to define an entire generation of games. Building on from that, during the time of the PlayStation 2’s release, the console doubled as one of the cheapest DVD players on the market, broadening the customer base beyond just those looking to play games.

Even if the PlayStation 2 is officially reaching the end of its life, the console’s legacy isn’t something that can ever just be discontinued. Here’s to you, PlayStation 2.

Source: Kotaku

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