Sony’s PS5 CES2021 Sizzle Reel Shares Release Windows for Anticipated Titles

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Now that we’re a couple of months removed from the release of the PlayStation 5Sony is now starting to focus on their exclusive titles for the console. The multimedia behemoth shared a sizzle reel as part of their CES2021 festivities which wasn’t too long; in fact, it clocked in at just over two and a half minutes. The very end of the sizzle reel had some really interesting information regarding the titles that were featured in the PlayStation 5 video in the form of release windows for the titles. Some of them might even surprise you quite a bit.

The sizzle reel is headed up by Jim Ryan, the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. He touches base on their vision of what they wanted to achieve through PlayStation 5 and how diverse the PlayStation 5 community is. He also makes mention that they want to focus on story-telling and have done so by taking their years of knowledge in the gaming industry and their recent strategic acquisitions. He also makes no small claim by stating that they have the best partnerships in the business, not only large AAA title studios but indie studios as well.

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Even more interesting than what Mr. Ryan had to say about PlayStation Studio’s future ambitions was the last slide that appears on the sizzle reel. It had some release windows for some highly anticipated titles:

  • Hitman III – January 2021
  • Returnal – March 19, 2021
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits – March 2021
  • Solar Ash – June 2021
  • Little Devil Inside – July 2021
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo – October 2021
  • Stray – October 2021
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – 2021
  • Horizon Forbidden West – 2021
  • Project Athia – January 2022
  • Pragmata – 2023 (previously 2022)

It goes, without doubt, to say that PlayStation 5 is going to have quite the year ahead of it. Most of these titles that have PlayStation 5 release windows displayed are US-based studios. The Japanese studios will certainly have a bunch of titles ready to hit the system within 2021.

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