Sony Shares Information About the PlayStation 5’s Streaming Capabilities

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It seems that we’re at that point of time leading up to release that Sony is spilling all the beans about the capabilities of it’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console. Last week we got some information about how the interface is going to look and operate, and the week before that, we saw just how fast the special SSD is in practice, and this week Sony is letting its perspective PS5 buyers know all about the streaming capabilities of the console.

If you’re coming from a PlayStation 4 console, you already know that the system itself can stream various forms of media from a variety of sources, the same is going to be said for the PlayStation 5, but there are a few new tricks up the sleeves of Sony when it comes to sources, they might even just surprise you.

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For starters, we have YouTube. YouTube has been available to stream on the PlayStation family of systems since the PlayStation 3, and that is no different for the PlayStation 5. Next up we have Spotify. Spotify was introduced as a streaming platform for PlayStation 4 and allowed you to stream music from Spotify account while you were playing a game rather than hearing the game’s soundtrack. Then there is Twitch. Twitch streaming was also introduced on the PlayStation 4 and with the PlayStation 5’s deep integration of the service, users can watch a live stream from another player as well as host their own live stream from their console. Moving along, there is also Netflix streaming support for the system. Now the next two are what really took me for surprise and that is the inclusion of two major streaming platforms with the first being Apple TV+. Subscribers to the Apple TV+ service can watch all of the content that is offered through the service directly on their PlayStation 5 system and last but not least we have Disney+. Disney+ is one of those services that you just HAVE to have if you’re a fan of basically anything good and now you can watch it directly from the PlayStation 5 system. Sony has also confirmed that the following services will also be coming to the PlayStation 5 system on or shortly after launch; Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, Peacock, and more.

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It seems that Sony is taking all of the right steps to make sure that the PlayStation 5 is not only the best gaming console on the market but the best media hub for anyone’s needs at any time. Who knows, maybe sooner rather than later, we’ll have an Amazon app for the console and we’ll never need to leave our sofa ever again.

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