Sony Launches Official PlayStation 5 Website

PlayStation 5 Website

PlayStation 5 now has an official website

Earlier today, Sony decided to flip the switch on the PlayStation 5 website. Where Sony has already confirmed or at least speculated on the upcoming hardware, we now have it in solid writing that it is in-fact launching holiday 2020. Because clearly, anything that is put in text means that it’s set in stone. Right FFVII Remake?

What did Sony tell us?

Well, honestly, this time, not much. The PlayStation 5 Website essentially has the PS5 logo, a sign-up page for more information, and confirmation of the holiday 2020 release date. That doesn’t mean that we don’t know anything about the upcoming PS5 hardware. What this website means though, is that the full, or at least mostly full reveal is probably right around the corner.

What do we know about the PS5 so far?

Well, we know some of the internal components such as;

  • It will use a Bespoke 8-core AMD Chipset which will be based on a 3rd generation RYZEN architecture with Navi GPU
  • It will use an SSD Storage System
  • It will be backward compatible with PS4 games and PSVR hardware
  • It will have immersive 3D Audio
  • The controller will have haptic feedback and tactile shoulder buttons
  • Lastly, it will have 8K TV support

Now where a couple of those don’t really matter to the mass public, the fact that it’s being based on an extremely popular chipset and will run off an SSD makes me want to sing for joy. Remember when they showed off that Spider-Man demo running on PS5 hardware? That was nuts. Some of the rumors that have been floating around the web are that it will be fully backward compatible with the complete PlayStation library, there is a new PSVR2 headset in development, and that the console will be relying heavily on its power with streaming games. Take these with a grain of salt, because well, they’re from the internet.

When will we know more details?

Your guess is as good as ours. With Sony not participating in E3 again this year, there is a possibility they announce it at their own event leading up to E3. There are probably less than 50 people in the world that know the exact release and announce plans for the hardware. Needless to say, the announcement is quite likely around the corner especially that they have pushed the PlayStation 5 Website live.

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