PlayStation Japan Just Dropped An All-New CM Featuring KOHH

PlayStation Japan Just Dropped An All-New CM Featuring KOHH

If there’s any one thing that PlayStation Japan has done a truly excellent job at, it’s creating an extremely strong musical identity to coincide with their games and applications. We’re all familiar at this point with their lineup videos alongside talents like Tofubeats, Banvox, Taku Takahashi, and YUC’e, but this time we see PlayStation Japan taking a slightly different approach. Promoting their integration with Spotify while gaming, PlayStation Japan has called on rapper KOHH right on the heels of his latest album “Untitled”.

Specifically pushing the PlayStation Music brand, the new CM sees KOHH perform “Living Legend” off his 2015 album “DIRT”. Unlike PlayStation Japan’s previous lineup trailers, this CM actually showcases KOHH performing before jumping into the actual games that are being showcased. It’s a somewhat mixed bag of titles, opening with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 before jumping into Tetris Effect then Days Gone. Ultimately this ones not so much about the games though and more so focuses on the fact you can be listening to this music while playing your favorite games.

While I’m not quite sure I’d be listening to external music while playing a game like Tetris Effect, I am a total sucker for KOHH, and he totally kills it with this performance — albeit somewhat short. I’ve got crazy levels of respect for anyone that can pull off a look like him, and with the strides he’s taking out here in Japan it really won’t be much longer before he reaches that “Living Legend” status.

Fresh on the heels of his over-the-top MX4D VR showcase in Tokyo outside of the Shibuya 109 tower to promote his latest album “Untitled”, I’m genuinely excited to see how KOHH continues to push boundaries in 2019 both in Japan and internationally. Those interested in checking that out, be sure to visit KOHH’s official website.

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