Sony Flaunts Their PlayStation VR Library in New Montage Trailer

Tetris Effect VR

PlayStation Europe has hit the ground running with a new montage trailer featuring new and previously released (but still relevant) PlayStation VR titles. Sony’s PlayStation VR lineup has come a long way since the peripherals release back in 2016 and the new bundles for the Holiday season have hit quite the mark. With over 200 compatible games along with genres ranging from shooting, puzzle, and platforming, it’s obvious that now is the time to join in on virtual reality as the form of entertainment with the headset continues to expand at a steady rate.

With the many games shown in the montage that include favorites such as Moss, Beat Saber, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Tetris Effect, Borderlands 2 VR and SUPERHOT VR, Sony has hit the right nerve on what people are looking for in terms of support in a VR headset and not packing in extra accessories that you ordinarily just wouldn’t use for some games. Playing both Moss at E3 2017 and Tetris Effect during E3 2018, along with a few other titles within the past year, has cemented my believing in VR.

With PlayStation VR FINALLY being affordable to the market with impressive bundles that have just the right amount of content for anybody, plus the patched PSVR content included into games already by developers that you might already own, PSVR can safely be adoptable by the masses. With bundles ranging from $199 to $349 at most retailers, consumers have quite an option here. Bundling the PSVR together with a couple of interesting games isn’t bad for the cheaper SKU and even if VR isn’t going to catapult into popularity as many had hoped, it’s always some good fun to mess around with for a while. It also means you get to play other excellent games as VR experiences such as Resident Evil VII and Gran Turismo Sport.

Is PlayStation VR on your Holiday wishlist?

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