Pokémon 20th Anniversary Movie “I Choose You!” Receives Latest Trailer


It’s almost been 20 years now since our airwaves were first graced with the Pokémon animated series. In celebration of such a monumental achievement, The Pokémon Company today shared more details on the latest entry into the Pokémon cinematic universe, “Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You!”.

The film is a visual retelling of the series’ first episode, aptly titled ‘I Choose You!’. Set to closely follow the story of a still-naive Ask Ketchum’s beginnings in the world of Pokémon, we’re invited on a trip down nostalgia lane in the form of a full-feature film. Set to open in Japanese theaters on July 15th, there has been no official word of a Western release date yet.

It has also been announced that Kunihikio Yuyama, the director behind previous films such as Pokémon: 2000, will be directing this project. The release of the film marks the 20th installment into the animated franchise, counting one film release for every year of the series’ life.

Whilst there may still be a little over 4 months until the films Japanese release, and potentially even longer for the Western release, fans are currently able to enjoy the show’s first season on Netflix.

Further information on the upcoming film can be found on the official webite, here.


The Pokémon Company
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