Pokemon Café Adds Spring Themed Afro Pikachu Menu Items

Sakura Afro Pikachu set

In proper Japanese Spring fashion, the Pokemon Cafés in both Tokyo and Osaka are going to be adding limited-time items to their menu. Springtime in Japan is one which is special because it is around the time that the cherry blossoms start to open and reveal their beautiful flowers, friends gather at parks to have picnics under the sakura trees and the weather starts to warm up. The Pokemon Cafés have a treat for you in a style that could only be done in Japan.

The Pokemon Cafés are celebrating this yearly festivity with Sakura Afro Pikachu themed menu items. They will be adding two new limited-time dishes to their menu. One of them is the Sakura Afro Pikachu Fruit Shortcake and the other is the Sakura Afro Pikachu Latte complete with the latte art of Sakura Afro Pikachu. The amount of cuteness between these two dishes is absolutely to die for.

The Sakura Afro Pikachu Fruit Shortcake has a fluffy strawberry cream afro with a Pikachu shortcake which is completely decorated out with various fruits giving the dish a truly Japanese spring aesthetic. This will be available for ¥1,738.

Sakura Afro Pikachu Cake

The Sakura Afro Pikachu Latte is a standard latte with a nice bed of foam complete with a character latte art of the Sakura Afro Pikachu served in a Pokeball mug. This will run ¥770.

Sakura Afro Pikachu Latte

The Pokemon Café Spring limited-time menu items will go on sale at both of the Pokemon Café locations in Tokyo and Osaka starting on March 14th and will run until April 19th. So, if you’re looking to partake in the festivities, it would be in your best interest to make a reservation at this link and choose the time and date which works best for you at one of the locations as soon as possible as seats tend to fill up quite fast during special events such as this.

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