Pokémon Cafe Updates Menu in Preparation For Halloween

Pokémon Cafe Updates Menu in Preparation For Halloween

The ever-so-cute Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo’s Nihombashi has announced that they’re revamping their extravagantly themed menu. The genius chefs at the Pokémon Cafe have kept in mind that Halloween is creeping up right around the corner, and have designed three new spooky dishes to celebrate the turn of the seasons.

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Looking at the new menu’s lineup, I can see that they went with an adorable fall motif. The spookiest dish is the Halloween Pikachu Plate, featuring Pikachu sporting a little witch hat that’s almost too cute to eat… Almost. Pikachu looks kinda innocent yet so cheeky like he’s challenging me to eat him. The next dish in the new menu is the Forest Pesto Pasta, which is a green dish that has Celebi’s glowing face as the front and center. The color scheme of the plate gives us one final glimpse of late summer’s vibrant flora before all the trees lose their leaves and plant life turns to a dormant brown and yellow. The last new dish is Zorua’s Halloween Roast Beef Burger, which is a roast beef sandwich resting on a bun that looks like Zorua’s determined, tough-guy face. The dish emanates strange dark energy like if you eat it you’ll gain some kind of forbidden power.

And I hope I do gain some magical powers from eating this Pokémon-themed food because the entrees aren’t very easy on your wallet; each dish in the new menu is 1,706 yen ($16 USD). However, for this price, you’re able to sit in a totally decked-out Pokémon-themed cafe, complete with a chance to meet the mascot Pikachu himself. There are also limited-edition placemats available to customers who order meals, featuring super cute Halloween-themed art of Pokémon in little costumes. If you order a drink, you get to spin to win a prize from a variety of six different complimentary Pokémon coasters, with the sixth coaster being a mystery Pokémon that you’ll have to go to the cafe and find out for yourself.

Pokémon Cafe Updates Menu in Preparation For Halloween Pokémon Cafe Updates Menu in Preparation For Halloween

Make sure you make your way to the Pokémon Cafe between September 1 and October 31 if you want to enjoy some fall flavors from the restaurant’s new menu. It’s best to make a reservation ahead of time, which you can do on the cafe’s website. Otherwise, you may find yourself waiting forever on standby, watching other customers enjoy their meals next to huge Pokémon figures and watching a giant Pikachu do his little dance.

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