Tokyo is Getting its Very Own Exclusive ‘Pokémon’ TCG Arena

Scattered all around Japan, the official Pokémon stores, known as “Pokémon Centers,” are some of the slickest retails spaces that pop to mind. Sleek and fun, they are very much reminiscent of the actual Pokécenters from the games. The interiors are typically white and are composed of lots and lots of tiling. If you enjoy Pokémon, they are an absolute joy to shop at, and I know that I’ve walked out of these stores with multiple huge plushies at some point.

Of course, the Pokémon Trading Card Game is still a huge chunk of The Pokémon Company‘s business, and what better way to attract even more customers to the highly-addictive card battling experience than a shiny new place to give it a shot?

Opening at the Tokyo Bay Center in just two days on September 16, the Pokémon Card Station will give customers a place to meet and battle new friends, as well as a dedicated store to purchase new cards from, naturally. Check out the gallery below for some excellent concepts for the new space:

It has been indicated that the Station will play host to many of the special events that the administrators of the card game plan to hold in the future. Finally, if you are a beginner player, then a personal concierge will be available at all times during business hours to answer any questions that players old and new alike may have.

It seems that with this move, The Pokémon Company has indicated that they don’t intend to let the official trading card game fall by the wayside anytime soon. With the recent release of Sun and Moon, and the upcoming releases of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, as well as a brand-new Nintendo Switch flagship game, the franchise shows no signs of slowing nor any falling out of favor with the younger generation today. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a fan, whether you indulge in the video games, the card game, or even both!

Pokémon Card Station: Official Site (Japanese)

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