New Pokémon GO Event Celebrating the Upcoming Release of Pokémon Coco in Japanese Theaters

Team Rocket and Celebi on Pokemon Go Celebi event promo image

Another week, another Pokémon GO event. This time the event has a pretty massive reward, so it’s definitely one that you’re going to want to participate in if you’re an active Pokémon GO player. With the upcoming release of Pokémon Coco in Japanese theaters coming up here next week, the team at Niantic has rolled out an event themed after the movie in celebration. For those of you who are diligent and stick the event out until the end, you’ll be rewarded with a shiny Celebi, something that has been previously unavailable and is officially the first shiny mythical Pokémon in the game.

The event kicks off with you being greeted by our favorite Team Rocket cohorts, Jessie and James, talking about how they have heard rumblings about a mysterious Pokémon guarding the forest, and that because you’re in the middle of nowhere, the boss certainly has sent you to help them obtain it. Obviously, the mysterious Pokémon they’re talking about here isn’t Celebi but Zarude, the new Pocket Monster that is being introduced in the upcoming Pokémon Coco movie. Celebi plays into this because it’s the guardian of the forest in the new movie, so there is some good tie-in there.

Pokemon Go Celebi game image

The new event is available worldwide right now, and so far, it doesn’t seem too difficult of a special task to complete. If you have some time on your hands and really want that shiny Celebi, I would not hesitate to get things started. Pokémon Coco will be launching in Japanese theaters on 25 December 2020, and will probably see a western release shortly after that (if the recent distribution in Sword & Shield are any indication). Even if Pokémon GO isn’t your thing, you still have the new movie to look forward to in the coming months.

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