POKÉMON COLORS Exhibition to be Held at Matsuya Ginza

Pokemon Colors Visual

Even though Tokyo is still in the midst of a State of Emergency, Matsuya Ginza is pushing forward with their new exhibition POKÉMON COLORS, a hands-on exhibition that will take place from 22 July 2021 through 11 August 2021.

POKÉMON COLORS is an interactive project where visitors can enjoy four activities and one installation based on Pokémon. Pokémon will appear in images on the monitors arranged in a circle, and the venue will be flooded with various colors through light and sound effects. The logo mark and artwork were newly created with the theme of “COLORS” and the unique worldview of this project in mind.

Matsuya Ginza had the following to say about the upcoming exhibition:

The venue is designed with a circular shape in mind, taking advantage of the large space. We hope you will experience the pleasant feeling of the venue being colored, blended, and echoed through the activities. At the merchandise corner, we will be selling original artworks from this exhibition.

The activities are:

Colors Road: As you pedal your bicycle along the path in the experience screen. Press the buttons on the handlebars in time with the Pokémon you pass, and the world you experience will be filled with colorful colors.

Colors Lake: Lower your rod into the calm lake, and when you feel a response, you reel in and lift up the Pokémon. Each time you lift the Pokémon, the world you are experiencing is filled with colorful colors.

Colors Forest: When you shake the balloon-shaped tree, the nuts will fall on the screen and the hidden Pokémon will appear. Each time a Pokémon appears, the world you are experiencing will be filled with colorful colors.

Colors City: When you throw the ball at the screen, the hidden Pokémon will pop out. Each time a Pokémon appears, the city becomes more and more colorful and vivid.

Colors Circle: Using the artwork from the exhibition, this circular installation features an interactive part in which the Pokémon on the screen move across 12 monitors lined up in a row, and a light and sound show part that plays periodically.

Pokemon Colors 1 Pokemon Colors 2 Pokemon Colors 3

At the POKÉMON COLORS exhibition, there will be a number of exclusive goods. If you happen to be in the Tokyo Area, make your way over to Matsuya Ginza for an experience that you’ll never forget.

The Pokémon Company, Matsuya Ginza
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