Buy Personalized Pokémon T-Shirts at Pokémon Center Shibuya Via the Pokémon Design Lab!

Do you like Pokémon? What if you could create your own original and unique Pokémon shirt? Sure, there’s a massive selection of original Pokémon merchandise and t-shirts available to purchase at any of the countless Pokémon Centers scattered throughout Japan, but none of them can be personalized to you like this. Opening at the Pokémon Center in Shibuya next month, the Pokémon Design Lab allows customers to create and purchase a personalized Pokémon shirt.

This new initiative, as explained through a helpful subtitled introduction video uploaded earlier today, will work through a kiosk found within the store. First, customers will be asked to select their shirt size, which will ensure that the custom shirt won’t be too big or, worse, too small. After that, you get into the designing process. There are four base designs to choose from for now, each allowing for different levels of customization. For example, the Pokémon + Stamp variation allows customers to select from 151 different Pokémon and customize the design with additional stamps like Pokéballs and hearts before adding text. You can even choose between line art, color art and hand art, giving a huge range of variations to the final design considering that multiple Pokémon can feature on the shirt at once.

The Pokémon + Frame design is similarly customizable, but you are limited to a silhouette of a single Pokémon with this design. My personal favorite is the Shibuya Art design, where you can pick from a range of Shibuya-inspired Pokémon art and add text to accompany it. Many of these artworks are cool enough on their own that I’d want them on a shirt regardless, even without the customization. The Pokéball + Frame design is similar to the Pokémon + Frame design, except the silhouette is of a Pokéball from which a number of patterns can be used to represent the Pokéball.

The Pokémon Design Lab an incredibly cool way to offer original and personalized merchandise that’s perfect for any Pokémon fan. The amount of customization possible here is impressive, and the fact you can personalize could make it a perfect gift. Also announced in this upgrade to the store, you will now be able to purchase some highly expensive Swarovski Crystal necklaces of Mew, Pikachu and Pokéballs. No price has been announced yet, but maybe that’s for the best.

The Pokémon Design Lab will open inside Pokémon Center Shibuya on November 20th.

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