Pokemon ‘EVs + Cafe’ Gallery Coming To Roppongi Hills For Limited Engagement

For 9 days artwork from 9 artists/designers will be on display to celebrate the 9 different forms of popular Pokémon, Eevee. Starting September 1st and running through the 9th at Cafe Space Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, new art pieces from a selection of different artists will appear on display along with (for the first time ever) the original colored pieces from legendary Pokémon artist & designer Ken Sugimori. The artists that have been selected come from a wide range of artistic mediums including children’s books, fashion, manga, and even cookies & sweets!

In addition to the original art pieces, there is going to be a wide range of merchandise available featuring pieces from each of the artists. A sampling of the items available, as well as the artists, can be found at the official website for the cafe. A special, limited edition book featuring art from a variety of designers, information on each of the Eevee forms, as well as insight on the creation of each, will also be available at the event and the Pokémon Center online store.

The gallery space includes a cafe which will be serving a selection of soft serve sundaes with toppings inspired by each of Eevee’s forms. Caramel, Blueberry, Matcha, Mango, and others represent not only the color spread but also the variety that Eevee embodies in the games!

While there is also a full-size Pokémon cafe opened up in Tokyo now, events like these excite me far more since it seems to be more intimate and the artwork is a major draw. It’s unfortunate that it’s running for such a short period of time, but if we’re lucky they might tour around the country of Japan and give even more people an opportunity to check out the original art pieces in person. If you happen to be in Tokyo during the limited engagement you can find more information at the official website for EVs + Cafe.

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