Pokemon World Championships to Host Inaugural Pokemon GO Invitational Tournament

Pokemon World Championships to Host Inaugural Pokemon GO Invitational Tournament

The Pokemon World Championships is the event that brings the best Pokemon TCG and video game players from around the world together into a single location. With these being the most popular competitive components of the multi-billion dollar franchise, these tournaments, especially the final matches of these tournaments, are incredibly popular with both competitors and viewers (watching livestreams on websites such as Twitch) alike. Although the mainline game tournaments and TCG tournaments are the main attractions for this event, they certainly aren’t the only things taking place as many side events often take place, with this year’s event playing host to a Pokemon Go Invitational Tournament. The best part is there’s one spot left for anyone else attending the event to claim.

Now, a Pokemon GO Invitational Tournament does admittedly sound like a weird choice for a competitive event since the game isn’t traditionally seen as being all that competitive, but it should be noted that more recent updates have given players the ability to participate in battles with others. A small-scale 8 person tournament will now be taking place alongside the main events at the Pokemon World Championships and this event will be streamed online alongside the main events.

The rules are simple. This will be a double-elimination tournament with each round consisting of best-of-5 trainer battles. Trainers must choose 6 Pokemon before the tournament begins and will not be allowed to switch out any of these Pokemon for the entire event, while none of the Pokemon chosen may be from the same species.

Junichi Masuda ad Shigeki Morimoto from Game Freak will be 2 of the 8 competitors at the tournament while internet personalities UnlistedLeaf, Strawberry17, Yamada, Poke AK, PogoKieng will also be competing. If you happen to be attending the event yourself you have the chance of taking part in this event for yourself as the 8th competitor. You must be a US resident and at least Level 25 at Pokemon GO, but if you want to take part and are attending the event all you need to do is fill in the entry form before 5 pm PT on July 31.

The Pokemon World Championships are always an interesting viewing as you see the most skilled players at both the card game and the main series titles competing for glory. To see this being joined by a more unique event like this Pokemon GO Invitational Tournament with input from developers at Game Freak should make even those traditionally uninterested in the tournament be at least curious enough to give it a watch.

The event will be taking place during the weekend of the Pokemon World Championships from August 16 until August 18 and you can find more details on the event here.

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