Pokémon GO Papercrafts Gift You the Life-Sized Team Leader Cut Out of Your Dreams

Pokémon GO is currently undergoing its digital-only Pokémon GO Fest in celebration of the game’s 4th anniversary, bringing players from around the world together in a fight against Team Rocket. This year’s event comes in unfortunate circumstances as the normally-in-person event is forced online, but digital tickets are still available for special in-game items with money going towards the Black Lives Matter movement, allowing as much of the event to be replicated within proper distancing guidelines. Of course, if you want to celebrate the event outside the game, you can always make special Pokémon GO papercrafts.

These papercrafts are designed for all ages from young kids to adults, in a way that allows you to create your own Pokémon-themed party for Pokémon GO Fest. you have simplistic mazes and puzzles to solve, as well as paper bunting you can print off that’s themed on each of the 3 teams within Pokémon GO. If you fancy being more creative, you can also make a paper Pikachu visor or a gift shaped like the in-game gifts that you could give to a friend. You could even make a Pokéball!

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, you can even make life-sized cut-outs of the team leaders to put around your house. You know, just in case you needed the mischievous dorkiness of Team Leader Spark smugly grinning at you wherever you go. I don’t know, maybe you could stick the cut out onto cardboard and have them greet any unsuspecting guests as they enter the house, or even put them on the backside of the bathroom door if you feel especially cruel/cool.

Whatever you choose to do with the powers unleashed upon you with access to large life-sized cutouts of the Pokémon GO trainers, you can access these papercrafts and more over on Niantic’s website.

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