Pokémon Graffiti Skateboard Decks Coming Exclusively to Pokémon Center Shibuya

If there is one thing that you can never be wrong about with The Pokémon Company, it is their ability to innovate and create compelling products. Sure every company has its hiccups every now and then, but The Pokémon Company has a track record of making some of the most eye-catching and memorable products of this generation. From their games to their goods, there is the utmost amount of detail and care which goes into making them, and their new announcement of the Shibuya Graffiti Pokémon Skateboards is no different.

The skateboard decks come in 3 designs; Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Charizard. The top of the deck has “Shibuya” tagged on the grip tape with the underside of the deck featuring the artwork of each character and graffiti of their name. The decks are super colorful and really unique, not to mention that they’re exclusive to the Shibuya Pokémon Center. I kind of want to get one, or all of them myself. For being something that is not widely available, they don’t come at a wallet breaking price, as they are only priced at ¥13,200 each. That price also includes the tax. Even if you don’t skate, I could imagine someone getting them all lined up and hung on their wall as a decoration. If I were to pick one, I think I’d have to go with the Mewtwo one though. That one is just too cool with its color scheme and Mewtwo charging up an attack.

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I remember back in the day when I was an avid skater, I had an Alien Workshop deck which costed me I think about $120, and the design was nowhere near as cool as the designs on these skateboard decks. Nintendo has announced that the Pokémon Graffiti Skateboard decks will go on sale on February 8th, exclusively at the Shibuya Pokémon Center in Parco.

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