Walk Through A Pokémon Wonderland with Pokémon Illumination

Walk Through A Pokémon Wonderland with Pokémon Illumination

The winter months bring with them colder, darker nights and the oncoming festive season. In Japan, it brings with it the Christmas illuminations, the night skies of public places, towns and cities transformed by festive lighting. Alongside being pretty, it’s a good way to encourage people out after dark. Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest will be hoping to attract visitors with an impressive Pokémon-themed ‘Pokémon Illumination’.

Walk Through A Pokémon Wonderland with Pokémon Illumination

The Pokémon Illumination transforms Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest into a Pokémon-themed walk shining brighter than the stars in the sky. The event is split into 3 areas. Pikachu’s Forest of Light is a walking trail along an array of Pokémon light displays and inflatable Pokémon, coming to an end with a Dynamax Pokeball and a Gigantamaxed Pikachu greeting people at the end.

Then you have Pokémon Street. This is where a number of events like the Illumination Show take place, it’s a place where you can take photos with a number of Pokémon favorites, while it also features the Pokémon Ferris Wheel. This reskins the ferris wheel with Pokémon and would allow for an overlooking view of the entire forest at the top. Finally, you have the Eevee Friend’s Ranbow Lift, arguably the most impressive attraction of them all. Here, the lift has been lit up with rainbow lights and decked out with Eevee and their various evolutionary forms, and is an impressive sight to behold.

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On top of this, there are a few select Pokémon-themed novelty items that help to celebrate the Pokémon Illumination. By ordering off the special menu at the restaurant, customers will receive a free coaster out of 8 random designs, while those who spend 3000yen or more in the shop will receive a free eco-bag.

The event starts tomorrow, November 14th, but you won’t have to rush out to catch the lights. The Pokémon Illumination will run until April 4th, and you can find out more over on the event website.

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