Levi’s Unveils Complete Lookbook for Pokémon Collaboration Collection

Levi’s Pokémon Collaboration Collection

Levi’s have unveiled a limited-edition collection of Pokémon clothing, from electric denim to super-effective accessories.

When the plans for Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary celebrations were unveiled at the beginning of last month, we were promised everything from new TCG sets and games to music and collaborations that celebrated the franchise’s storied history. The Pokémon Company clearly have big plans when it comes to celebrating this massively successful franchise, and as the celebrations continue, we’ve learned of a special clothing collaboration with Levi’s that promises denim fits and more for Pokéfans everywhere.

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This upcoming Pokémon x Levi’s collection features denim shirts and jeans, t-shirts, hats, and more, each adorned with various Pokémon primarily taken from the first generation. Centering the collection are two extravagant all-denim Pokémon fits. One of these is a light blue denim jacket and 551Z denim jean, with the jacket featuring lightning bolts on the arms and a giant Pikachu on the back while the jeans feature smaller Pikachu designs on the front and back of the right leg. The more bold fashion choice is the Pokémon Garden design, an all-green set featuring Pokémon from the first generation in an all-over print of a grassy field. The Pokémon use promotional designs from the initial release of Gen 1 and the first episodes of the Pokémon anime, making it a neat callback to the series’ induction.

Beyond this, for those wanting to create a cosplay of Misty, a paired denim short and pastel yellow tank top recreate the outfit the character wears in the anime almost exactly, bar a Togepi print added to the front of the top. More Pikachu-themed outfits can be found with the Pikachu beanie and logo shirt featuring a happily sleeping Pikachu on top, with the long-sleeved black shirt similarly putting Pikachu front and center. In terms of accessories, Levi’s will also be selling a Pokéball cross-body bag and clip-on Psyduck and Jigglypuff pouches, alongside a Pokemon bag featuring the Garden design, and Ash Ketchum’s hat.

This Pokémon x Levi’s collection will be sold in Pokémon Centers throughout Japan from 15 February, and will also be sold on Levi’s website outside of Japan. For fans of the franchise, they may want to keep an eye out for the drop, as I can’t imagine any of these items sticking around for long!

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