Pokémon Masters is Coming to iPhone and Android on August 29

Pokémon Masters is Coming to iPhone and Android on August 29

We’re all waiting for Pokémon Sword & Shield to finally drop. With each new trailer, each new Pokémon reveal, and each new addition to the series, a good chunk of us are getting less patient; just a step away from running a-muk. (Get it? I’m funny I know). Thankfully, sooner than I’d have imagined, the upcoming smartphone game Pokémon Masters produced by DeNA is dropping next week and it should really help take the edge off those of us who’re ready for a new Pokémon experience. While it doesn’t feature the exact same gameplay of classic Pokémon games, its hybrid between the traditional RPG style and Pokémon Go mechanics should satiate us for a little bit.

The real appeal of Pokémon Masters is how it’s bringing trainers from every generation of Pokémon together for the ultimate fan experience. My Gen 5 loving butt is thrilled the Pokémon Black & White 2 female protagonist featured so heavily in the promo art and knowing a whole slew of fan favorites appear like Misty, Cynthia, and Steven is just icing on the cake. Having gameplay that’s closer to real Pokémon games, unlike a Pokémon Rumble or Picross, really might make this mobage worth sinking time into.

As more and more effort gets put into mobile games in general, wider swaths of people have begun paying attention to them and taking these games seriously. Just look at the amount of cash Fate/Grand Order generates on a monthly basis. Not only are mobage here to say, but more and more developers and companies are going to be focusing their resources on these games. I do hope somewhere down the line we get a string of more narrative-focused mobage that reject the aesthetics, culture, and expectations of how mobile games are supposed to function. I don’t know if Pokémon Masters will be that game, but I’m excited, to say the least.

Pokémon Masters unlocks on iOS and Android on August 29.

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