Pokémon Teams Up With NC EMPIRE For An Ultra Cool Collection


Pokémon has absolutely been killing it lately with their artist collaborations. The Saiko Soda line from F. Kaori continues to be a sugary sweet delight, and the Kanahei Animals collaboration “Yurutto Pokémon” is an absolute fan favorite. Today they continue the trend as both Pokémon & NC EMPIRE dropped the news of an amazing new collection of apparel and goods coming to their Pokémon Center locations in Japan very soon. The new collection, titled UB ULTRA GRAPHIX, focuses on the Ultra Beasts found in the most recent mainline series of games, Sun & Moon. Each item in the collection has a very trademark NC EMPIRE look to it, if you’ve been following them at all you’ll immediately recognize their work on these pieces. Following the trend set by previous collaborations as well, several New Era items are available with designs and prints following the theme.

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This isn’t the first time Pokémon and NC EMPIRE have teamed up either, not by a long shot. Last year saw the collective designing a logo mark for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and they’ve participated in a few different wider range collections in the past as well. Their ‘Secret Teams’ collection from early last year focused on each of the antagonist groups from the different generations of Pokémon. This collection captured the menacing look of each of the leaders along with perfectly themed elements for each group across a wide range of apparel and trading card items. One of the coolest pieces from this collection, in my opinion, was a wall scroll featuring the leaders of each team in one giant group shot.


Prior to that, they worked on what is easily my favorite Pokémon collaboration to date, Pokémon GRAPHIX, a series of shirts, hats, and goods with iconic monsters incorporated into what look like sports teams logos. The design work on each of these items was absolutely immaculate and they perfectly created the illusion of actual Pokémon themed sports teams, or even battle teams (that could totally be a thing right?), existing. Of course, I can’t lie and say there isn’t a little bit of bias towards this collection due to a rare appearance from my personal favorite Pokémon, Jirachi.


The new collection drops on February 23rd at Pokémon Center stores around Japan and online. These kinds of collaborations tend to move pretty quick so you aren’t going to want to sleep on this one!

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