It’ll Cost You Roughly $1,600 to Catch all 151 of the New Pokémon Plushies

Pokémon Fit Plush

While catching all 151 of the original Pokémon might have proven a difficult task when we were younger, it turns out collecting them as adults might be just as difficult — and expensive. Finishing up that Pokédex was a test of will and endurance, grinding through various routes and areas hoping to encounter that one Pokémon. Though as it turns out, collecting all the Pokémon in the real world as adults will have you testing your will and endurance at your office job, grinding through the hours to make roughly $1,600 so you can “Catch ‘Em All”.

As it turns out, that’s likely what Japanese Twitter user @sekai1215 did, posting on Twitter that he had gone in and purchased all 151 Pokémon plushes together which totaled to roughly $1,600 USD, or 180,000 yen. Shared across four photos, @sekai1215 showcases his massive collection, including a final shot that shows the evolutions of all three starters.


Following the release of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! just last week, there’s been a whole lot of love shared for the original 151 Pokémon both in Japan and internationally. We’ve discussed around the office how much we’d love to do what @sekai1215 did quite a few times now, so it’s crazy to actually see the number put behind the purchase. Given the general size of apartments out here though, one can only hope he finds a way to display all those plushes worthy of the price.

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