New Town Unveiled for Pokemon Sword and Shield at Gamescom Perfectly Encapsulate the British Vibe

New Town Unveiled for Pokemon Sword and Shield at Gamescom Perfectly Encapsulate the British Vibe

It’s no secret at this point that the new region within which Pokemon Sword and Shield, the latest mainline games in the popular franchise, are based on the (at the moment not-so) United Kingdom. With the team unable to visit Gamescom in Germany, Game Freak have chosen to instead provide us with even more information (on top of the recent blow-out of news from the Pokemon World Championships) in regards to the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games, showcasing a brand new town which really, really reminds me of home.

The place I lived in the UK was a rather remote and stereotypical British village, near to a very small city that was more like a town. It is this vibe that the town being shown off by Shigeru Ohmori in Pokemon Sword and Shield for this new Gamescom footage that the team are definitely trying to capture in this footage. This town’s Pokemon Research Lab uses Tudor architecture for example, which is uncommon but can still be found in many places and is very distinct with its exposed wood and white exterior. This is the building within which Professor Magnolia researches Dynamaxing, so it seems like it could be an important building within the games.

Alongside that, there’s a train station. This definitely has an exterior and interior similar to many smaller train stations found around the UK, with ticket gates that also are remarkably close to capturing the look of those found in the UK. The only difference here, perhaps, is that the train is here, ready and waiting for you to ride it, a type of reliability UK trains could only dream of emulating. The fencing found around the town and open fields to the back takes much inspiration from the British countryside, in particular, the Lake District, and the clothing store is similar to those founds on the British high street.

It’s perhaps safe to say that the company is succeeding at their attempts to capture the essence of an idealized Britain within Galar for Pokemon Sword and Shield in this Gamescom footage, a goal I would say they succeed with. The games are set for release worldwide exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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