Pokémon Tokyo Banana Round 2 feat. Eevee

Pokémon Tokyo Banana Eevie

Just last week I wrote an article about the deliciousness that is Tokyo Banana and how they teamed up with the Pokémon franchise to give birth to the Pokémon Tokyo Banana, featuring an adorable Pikachu design on the cake. Today they blew my mind once again by announcing the next round of Pokémon Tokyo Banana, the Eevee edition! In the same fashion as what they did with the Pikachu version of the Pokémon Tokyo Banana, they will release them at 7-Eleven locations all across Japan in a staggered release pattern.

Pokémon Tokyo Banana Eevee Cakes

Just a quick recap of what The Pokémon Tokyo Banana is: Essentially the same as the standard Tokyo Banana, it is a vanilla-flavored sponge cake filled with banana cream custard. The main difference with the Eevee version of the Pokémon Tokyo Banana is that six different Eevee designs will be present on each of the cakes and all over the packaging.

Pokémon Tokyo Banana Eevee Packages

The Pokémon Tokyo Banana Eevee version is releasing at 7-Eleven locations throughout all of Japan on a staggered release, with them hitting the Tokyo area first on 2 January 2020 and expanding out from there. The exception is Okinawa, where the product won’t be available. So if you live in Okinawa, you better find a friend on the mainland to try to nab one of these for you.

As with the Pikachu version, you better move quickly because they’re quite limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone. I will likely have to camp out at my local 7-Eleven near my apartment just to get my hands on these. I, unfortunately, missed the Pikachu version, but I can make it up with these. Fair trade, right?

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