Pokémon Wonder to Open at Yomiuriland

Pokemon Wonder

A couple of days ago, there was a strange video posted to the official Pokémon YouTube Channel with the title Pokémon Wonder, but with little information and only a ‘Coming Soon’ tag at the end of the video. We now know that Pokémon Wonder is actually an in-person live attraction at Yomiuriland in Tokyo.

Children and adults alike will have the opportunity to wade through the grass and trees, twist their brains, and join forces with family and friends to search for Pokémon. By getting absorbed in the vastness of nature, you will adopt a ‘sense of wonder,’ a sensitivity that makes you open your eyes to the mysteries and wonders of nature. It was with this in mind that ‘Pokémon Wonder’ was born.

Diglett at Pokémon Wonder

There are two different routes that can be taken on the attraction: the Ancient Stone Wall course and the Whispering Bamboo Forest course. Each course will have Pokémon scattered throughout that you need to tune into your more instinctual senses to find.

Pokemon Wonder Courses

Seeing that Pokémon Wonder is an attraction inside of Yomiuriland, you’re going to need to pay to get in. Tickets for admission are ¥9,800 for an adult couple or the special price of ¥8,100 for two adults and one child. Reservations are currently underway at the official Pokémon Wonder website and I am expecting the slots to fill quite fast.

The Pokémon Company, Yomiuriland
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