POLYSICS / The Vocoders Launch Crowdfunding Campaign With Festival Out, Share Two New Songs

POLYSICS / The Vocoders Launch Crowdfunding Campaign With Festival Out, Share Two New Songs

Long-running new wave band POLYSICS have kept things fresh in 2019 by launching a new side project. From late last year, the nervy rockers launched The Vocoders. This outlet allowed a group of artists best known for high-energy and yelpy music to chill out a little bit, trading in their jumpsuits for Kraftwerk-inspired threads and a synth-pop focus.

They are making sure both projects get some time to shine and recently launched a crowdfunding campaign in conjunction with Tokyo FM radio program Festival Out. This drive intends to raise money for a pair of music videos, one for POLYSICS and one for The Vocoders. Check the site here.

The band and radio show (along with the site hosting all of this, Wizy), are offering a variety of reward tiers for fans contributing money. They include the chance to get special mugs from the band, signed goods, your name included in the credits for the music video and the chance to attend an early screening / live show.

The campaign lasts until June, while some of the rewards are limited. So if you want to make sure you can secure a POLYSICS coffee cup, get on it now.

The music videos would be for a pair of songs released on May 10, coinciding with the launch of this crowdfunding campaign. POLYSICS’ offering is the on-brand “Twist and Turn!” Starting off with a large dab of (ironic!) vocoder dropped over their singing, the band delivers a flurry of guitar and synth before hitting a far hookier center featuring a little less digital manipulation alongside some energetic shouting. Listen to that one below.

The Vocoders’ creation, “Repeat Repeat Repeat,” unfolds at a less speedy pace. The group uses an array of synthesizers and drum machines to create a mid-tempo number featuring voices dunked in the technology they named themselves after. No guitars in sight and everything just rolls out a little calmer. Listen below.

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