Webcomic Series ‘Pop Team Epic’ to Receive Anime Adaptation

Pop Team Epic

There’s been a lot of fancy terms tossed around this past week, things like ‘Attack on Titan’ and ‘My Hero Academia’ have been filling my social feeds, but none of that matters right now. In a tweet that went live some 21 minutes ago (April 2nd in Japan), it was officially announced that webcomic series Pop Team Epic would be receiving an animated adaptation in October 2017. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, you’ll want to get acquainted rather quickly.

In traditional Pop Team Epic style, today’s announcement started as a long-winded April fools joke. At around 1:02 am on April 1st, a new Twitter account was created under the username @hoshiiro_anime. Almost immediately a trailer for ‘Hoshiiro Girldrop’, a supposed upcoming anime was uploaded to the account. As time progressed, further images and “details” were posted to the account, with sketches of each character being uploaded one by one. That was until, this image was uploaded some 24 hours later:

“Hang on a second, that doesn’t look like an idol character — actually, what even is that?”

This was the point in which things started to make a little more sense. I mean, does the industry really need another idol anime? For those that aren’t familiar, this is Popuko, one of two main characters in the absurd four-panel webcomic Pop Team Epic. Suddenly the Twitter account began to transform, ultimately leading up to this single post:

“From Bkub Okawa, the four-panel manga ‘Pop Team Epic’ is actually receiving an (shitty) anime from Kamikaze Douga! October 2017 Start! #PopTeamEpic #Takeshobo #PPTP #ShittyAnime

In just under an hour, the announcement post received over 33,000 retweets, and 21,000 favorites. On top of this, the official website for the upcoming series crashed, reportedly due to too much traffic. With further information expected to be announced in the coming days, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Bkub Okawa
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