‘Pop Team Epic’ Teams Up With Denki Groove For Merchandise

Bkub Okawa’s massively-popular 4-panel comic and anime series Pop Team Epic is teaming up with Japanese synthpop duo Denki Groove for a piece in their latest merchandise collection. The design is simple in concept, featuring both Popuko and Pipimi illustrated with Denki Groove member features superimposed on top. Honestly, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched from something you’d actually see in the original group, so I’m definitely all for it:

The duo, who is perhaps most recently noted internationally for their work on the DEVILMAN crybaby soundtrack, has often been paired up with the Pop Team Epic series over here in Japan by fans on social media sites like Twitter. This recognition even held enough weight that series producer Kotaro Sudo went on to say that in a live-action version of the show, he’d definitely want to bring on Denki Groove.

The shirts are going to be available in a super small quantity, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on one of them you’ll need to head over to one of the groups “Kracken Hawk” live shows in both Tokyo and Osaka. The Osaka live show is set to happen on March 16 at Zepp Namba, with the Tokyo live show happening a day later at Zepp Tokyo.

Further information on the merchandise can be found on the official website for the musical duo.

Image: Denki Groove, King Records

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