Pop Team Epic’s Insane New Escape Game Inbound

In a trend that I really hope doesn’t go away anytime soon, some of anime’s hottest properties are getting live games — escape rooms, puzzle quests; all experiences that let you and some partners use both your head and your body to assist the characters from your favorite stories. With this latest “adventure,” however, I’m not so sure that you and your buddies will actually be accomplishing anything to make you feel especially good about yourselves. That is unless you too have the same sort of personal vendetta against Japanese mega-publishing corporation Takeshobo. In a new live-puzzle game coming to Tokyo starting March 3, your mission is simple: destroy Takeshobo.

Pop Team Epic x Asobi Factory: You Must Destroy Takeshobo


The story goes something like this — you’re a rookie detective assigned to Tokyo’s Jinbocho district. You must tackle 4 mysterious cases before facing the final enemy: Takeshobo itself. The experience requires you to purchase kits with all the materials you’ll need to solve 5 mysteries:

The Disappearance of a Female College Student
Confronting the Jinbocho Color Gangs
The Freezing of ‘Complain About Things on the Net’ Man
The Pop Team Epic Sales Numbers Incident
You Must Destroy Takeshobo

You’ll be able to purchase the kits at various locations around Jinbocho, including the Asobi Factory building. The company says that you’ll need anywhere between 3-5 hours to solve all the mysteries and that you will also need to utilize the LINE messaging service to complete the experience.

You can find all the details you need, including Asobi Factory’s address, as well as the days and locations where you can purchase the kits here.

Images: Takeshobo, Kamikaze Douga, Asobi Factory

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