There’s a ‘Pop Team Epic’ Pop-Up Shop Coming to Tokyo

Nobody asked for it, nobody wanted it, but the Pop Team Epic pop-up shop is coming back to Tokyo.

There’s a lot of reasons why Pop Team Epic is the worst, best thing to ever happen here in Japan. It’s crude, it’s intense, and most of all, it’s one of the funniest series’ I’ve read in a long time. If you’re not familiar with Pop Team Epic‘s antics, it’s a 4-panel webcomic by Okawa Bkub that follows the not-so everyday lives of protagonists Popuko and Pipimi. On April 2 the series was confirmed to be receiving an animated adaptation set to release October 2017. That is where today’s news all comes into play, as Okawa announces the return of the always-successful Pop Team Epic Pop-Up Shop.

Set to operate from April 29 until May 14, the pop-up shop will be located at the Marui 2F Event Space in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It’ll be open between the hours of 11am until 9pm, and will be operating 7 days a week. Available at the pop-up space will be limited edition goods, alongside various types of merchandise from the past few years. Without revealing too much, it was detailed that besides shopping there will be plenty of other things to do in the space. The previous Tokyo-based pop-up shop took place from December 10 until December 25, 2016.

It’s not uncommon for Pop Team Epic’s merchandise to be extremely outlandish. Some of my favorite pieces include a nonsensical plain white t-shirt featuring Popuko dancing with the term ‘EDM’ above her, as well as a flip phone case that simply features the pair flipping everyone off in intense detail. That phone case in particular can be seen below:

Pop Team Epic Pop-Up

If you’re interested in visiting the store, further information can be found by the pop-up shop’s official Twitter account, here.

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