pop’n music 7 PS2 update, new CDs announced

Well more surprises just keep coming from the Tokyo AOU show. And this time it isn’t DDR or IIDX… but Pop’n Music. As you all know the official release of Pop’n 7 CS is November 21st 2002 so of course some info was bound to be leaked before then. First there’s the fact that available from Konamistyle is the Pop’n 7 CS pack which features V-Rare Soundtrack 3, Pop’n Music 7 2003 Callendar, Nyami & Mimi Keychains, 2 Mousepads, and a Tin. And thanks to some Japanese AOU patrons we have a small list of consumer original songs that WILL appear in Pop’n 7 CS.

Meloncholy – “Twilight Down” – Asparagus – Lvl 15 (26 Hyper) – 139 BPM – 1:42
Sympathy 2 – Distance – Egotistic Lemon Tea – Lvl 13 (26 Hyper) – 124-127-??? – 1:33

And the guaranteed Licensed songs scheduled to appear are:
Kiteretsu, Kiteretsu 2, Urusei, Radio, Rose & Yamato

Expect some more news on Pop’n 7 CS and Pop’n 9 AC soon as it’s revealed (Pop’n 9 goes on location testing this upcoming week).

Now for the CD releases planned for up through January of next year (exact dates unknown):

Pop’n Music Artist Collection – Natural Bear + Kiyommi & Seiya
Good-Cool Super Collection -Music from Beatmania & Pop’n Music
Pop’n Music Instrumental Best – Q-Mex
School (Good-Cool & Hideo Suwa) – Debut CD (Name undecided)

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