Potential New beatmania IIDX Cabinet Leaked

beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE

We’ve known for a few weeks now that an all-new update is coming to beatmania IIDX, aptly titled beatmania IIDX 27: HEROIC VERSE. It’s a yearly cycle that sees the game receive some new visual flare, an updated tracklist, and a few software improvements and changes. But a potential leak from major Japanese arcade distributor Bally Pond Co., Ltd might suggest that an all-new beatmania IIDX update isn’t all we should be excited about.

Shared via the distributor’s official Facebook page earlier today, and suspiciously taken down several hours later, Bally Pond Co., Ltd. shared what looks to be a deluxe new beatmania IIDX cabinet, aptly titled the LIGHTNING MODEL. The title of this new model, which strikingly resembles the visual motif of beatmania IIDX 27: HEROIC VERSE, could hint at a much-needed upgrade to the cabinets that the game has long been played on.

With arcade games getting flashier and flashier, with RGB lighting accenting their every corner, it’s remained odd to see several IIDX cabinets tucked away with their display being the only real source of light outside of their buttons. The cabinet design also features what appears to be a second touch screen underneath the primary display, which if we had to speculate, would likely handle effects and e-amusement login. Though it can’t be seen in the render, most recent Bemani arcade titles feature headphone jacks, and the inclusion for beatmania IIDX would be much welcomed. Lastly, the light walls on the side would likely operate as sound dividers for the cabinets which will be very helpful; it’ll also prove interesting to see whether or not the LED’s will interact with gameplay or they’ll remain static.

Of course, there’s been no official word from Konami regarding the beatmania IIDX LIGHTNING MODEL so it’s unclear whether or not the post is to be believed. I for one would welcome an upgrade to the cabinet design, and the shared image would definitely catch a few eyes at the arcade. The image and title of the unit would suggest that, if this rumored leak is to be believed, that the cabinet would release around the same time that beatmania IIDX 27: HEROIC VERSE hits arcades, but only time will tell.

Until then, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as further information develops.

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