Powered Suit Hero Fights Oni Aliens in Shikizakura Anime PV

Shikizakura Anime Poster

The science-fiction anime series Shikizakura, which begins in October, released a new promo video on Friday. The trailer features a powered suit-wearing hero fighting Oni aliens:

The armored hero is high school student Kakeru Miwa (Yudai Noda, apparently making his voice acting debut), an accidental hero. And the armor, named Ibara, is voiced by Shingo Yoneyama from the TV series Nagoya iki Saishuu Ressha (Last Train To Nagoya). The girl, Oka Myojin (voiced by Miho Mashiro), is a shrine maiden. (The key visual shows her in her shrine maiden outfit.)

Powered Suit Hero Fights Oni Aliens In Shikizakura Anime PV

The promo also features the opening theme ‘Believe Myself’, by Asaka, who sounds different from what she does in Yuru Camp. The ED will be performed by May’n, but it hasn’t been revealed yet.

The series is an anime-first, which sometimes denotes a unique and clever series (Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Kill La Kill). A manga exists, but it’s an adaptation.

The series will also be Nagoya-flavored, although it’s hard to say how much. Many of the people involved have Tokai region roots. The series is set in the (future?) Tokai region, and it’s produced by Chukyo TV’s Nagoya Animation Project. Sublimation, which has studios in Nagoya, produces the animation.

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