Premium Bandai Kicks Off Pre-Orders for Ridiculous Gengar Bed

Gengar Bed from Pokemon

I think now I can officially say that I have seen everything that is possible with the Pokémon franchise. Well, maybe not everything, but pretty damn close. Today, Premium Bandai has done the unthinkable and announced a Gengar Bed. But don’t let the name fool you, it’s not what you think it is, well maybe it is, but I doubt it, because you see, the bed is Gengar’s tongue…that you have to roll out of its mouth and sleep on…with your head in its mouth…and that is awesome.

Gengar Bed from Pokemon

Considering that I personally think that Gengar should be everyone’s favorite ghost-type Pokémon, this is certainly a fitting concept. The tongue can also be used in a variety of ways which can be seen demonstrated on the promotional material for the bed. The tongue can be used conventionally as a bed, it can also be used as a blanket, or a kneeling pad if you’re feeling down at work because you’re stranded at home thanks to COVID-19, or you can even roll yourself up like a burrito. There really is no limit to what you can do with Gengar’s tongue.

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The Gengar bed goes on sale today at the Premium Bandai website for a fair ¥25,950 (approx. $240 USD) and will be shipping in June. That means that if you decide to nab one of these monstrosities for yourself, you’ll have it in time for Halloween, so you can stuff your head in Gengar’s mouth trying to hide from trick-or-treaters. Or you could even use it as a decoration and put candy in Gengar’s mouth while kids have to walk on his tongue to get the sweets. See, I told you, Gengar’s tongue is limitless.

The Gengar bed will fit nicely with the Metapod…pod? which was also released by Premium Bandai last month. Even if you have no intentions of getting some shut-eye with Gengar, it will still make a cool collectible piece.

Premium Bandai, The Pokémon Company
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