Pre-Orders Open for ‘My Hero Academia’ Todoroki and Uraraka Pop-Up Parade Figures

Pre-Orders Open for ‘My Hero Academia’ Todoroki and Uraraka Pop-Up Parade Figures

With the enduring popularity the My Hero Academia series is able to command, it’s perhaps no surprise that figures based on the franchise are almost constantly being produced. Whether it’s a Bakugo figma or a Todoroki Nendoroid, you aren’t struggling to find a figure for your favorite character, especially if they’re a part of the main cast. The latest figures announced based upon the My Hero Academia series are a pair of Pop-Up Parade figures from Goodsmile Company for Todoroki and Uraraka.

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These new figures, featuring the pair in their school uniforms, are the latest in a series which has already seen the announcement of figures for Deku and Bakugo (both scheduled for a release in July). These 17cm and 15cm non-posable figures portray the characters in their casual school commute, capturing Todoroki’s calm-collected demeanor as well as Uraraka’s bubbly, outgoing personality. With the figures mostly on the smaller side, and due to the figures being non-posable, more minor details are able to be sculpted, such as the details on Todoroki’s bag and the pleats in Uraraka’s skirt.

The Pop-Up Parade series from Good Smile are a newer figure series from Goodsmile Company. Figures in this series are not necessarily designed to scale, but are created with a focus on detail and sold for a lower price than standard figures at 3900yen. These new additions to the series are no different.

Pre-orders for the My Hero Academia Pop-Up Parade Todoroki and Uraraka figures are now open and run until June 24th on the Goodsmile website. Following the end of this pre-order period, the figures will be made available for release in October of this year. You can find links to the pre-order page for Todoroki here and for Uraraka here, while an overview of the Pop-Up Parade series can be found on the official landing page for the figure series.

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